Root Cause Analysis and Problem Solving (RCA & PS)

A Master Class in the RCA & Problem Solving methods popular in the most successful Lean organisations

Success through People and Process

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Getting started with a disciplined approach to Problem Solving may seem intimidating, but with Duxinaroe's expert guidance you'll be leading effective cross-functional exercises faster than you could have ever expected. Duxinaroe's exclusive approach, blends a deep understanding of psychology and neuroscience with the technical tools common to high performing organisations. This approach ensures you learn all the skills and build the confidence required to tackle the most daunting situations with ease. Pretty soon, a Root Cause Problem Solving activity will be the best part of your week!

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The path to leading cross-functional teams to deliver root cause solutions for complex problems takes dedication and time, but if you put your mind to it, you'll have no problem becoming one of the best. What are you waiting for?

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  • Overview - what to expect in this course (Text). FREE PREVIEW
  • Overview - What To Expect In This Course (Audio) FREE PREVIEW
  • Being Clear About our Language (Audio) FREE PREVIEW
  • Who is this course for? (Text) FREE PREVIEW
  • Video - Introduction FREE PREVIEW
  • Objectives (Text) FREE PREVIEW
  • Understanding the Change Challenge (Text) FREE PREVIEW
  • Introduction Quiz - Why Duxinaroe? FREE PREVIEW

Duxinaroe essentials


  • The Brain - Video Overview
  • The Brain - Text
  • The Brain - Audio
  • The Mind - Video Overview
  • The Mind - Text
  • The Mind - Audio
  • Has your brain made new connections already?
  • How are you feeling?
  • How are you feeling? - Audio

Leadership and Team Maturity

  • Setting up for success - Text
  • Setting Up For Success - Audio - A
  • Setting up for success - Audio - B
  • Leadership I - Trait Theory - Text
  • Trait Theory - Audio
  • Leadership I - Lewin Lippitt and White - Text
  • Lewin Lippitt and White - Audio
  • Leadership I - X and Y - Text
  • X and Y - Audio
  • Leadership I - The Managerial Grid - Text
  • Managerial grid - Audio
  • Leadership I - Recap (Quick Quiz)
  • Leadership II - Situational Leadership - Text
  • Situational Leadership - Audio
  • Leadership II - Team Maturity - Text
  • Team Maturity - Audio
  • Leadership II - Combining models - Text
  • Combining Models - Audio
  • Leadership II - Contingency Theory - Text
  • Contingency Theory - Audio
  • Leadership II - Herzberg's Motivation and hygiene factors - Text
  • Motivation and Hygiene - Audio
  • Leadership II - Action Centred Leadership - Text
  • Action Centred Leadership - Audio
  • Leadership II - Learning Style Preferences - Text
  • Learning Style Preferences - Audio
  • LeadershipII - Recap (Quick Quiz)

Team work

  • The stages of team development - Text
  • Stages of Team Development - Audio 1
  • Stages of Team Development - Audio 2
  • George Elton Mayo - Text
  • George Elton Mayo - Audio
  • Research - Text
  • Research - Audio
  • Teamwork - Quiz

RCA & PS - A

  • Introduction
  • Describe the problem

RCA & PS - B

  • Visually Quantify the Problem and Objective
  • Writing Objective Statements

RCA & PS - C

  • Document the process flow / Understand the Internal / External Voice of the Customer.

RCA & PS - D

  • Implement Temporary Countermeasures

RCA & PS - E

  • Determine the causes of the problem (Pt.1.)
  • Where to conduct 5Y's and 5W1H?

RCA & PS - F

  • CEDAC Examples
  • Determine the causes of the problem (Pt.2.)

RCA & PS - G

  • Implement Counter Measures / Monitor Effects / Establish Standards

About Your Instructor

David Bovis

David Bovis

Dux Designer

David has led a multitude of organisational performance improvement projects in commercial organisations across Europe for more than 25 years. He is a recognised voice in the lean community having mapped the latest science from the disciplines of psychology and neuroscience to the subject of ‘High-Performance Culture’.

David is a ‘Technical Authority’ on Japanese and Western Manufacturing History and principles, the Toyota Management System (Comprising TPS, TDS and TMSS), Hoshin Kanri, Culture change and Leadership. He has spoken on stage in Milan, Warsaw and London on the Psychology of Change at various Lean & OpEx events and has been published in 'The Lean Management Journal', the Chartered Quality Institute's ‘Quality World Magazine’, Cambridge University's ‘Performance and Measurement Association’ magazine and the SCiO – Viability Today magazine on Systems and Cybernetics in Organisations.

David is the founder of Duxinaroe and has been the leading mind behind the Dux Method which has been developed through more than 17 years of extensive research in the fields of psychology, philosophy and neuroscience.

RCA & PS Skills

How to write a robust Problem and Objective statement

How to construct a CEDAC Diagram (Factory and Office)

Understanding Common Mistakes (Process and People)

How to Gather Good Data

How to get the best from Cross-functional teams & Visually tracking issues

Understanding the Psychology of workplace change and the transition people navigate.


The best training i've ever experienced.
Josh Brown Managing Director @ Sperling Retail
Encyclopaedic knowledge & skill, influential, motivating!
Jemma Neesham Office Manager - Hemp Technology
excellent problem solving training, his understanding of the human condition in relation to change was apparent from the beginning
Gary Biggs Ops Manager at Agrigear


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